At Illuminate Within each and every Sunbury reiki healing is unique and treated with the utmost care. During your reiki session you can relax and drift away while the universal light energy gets busy at work to help restore balance in your life. Read More....

Welcome to Illuminate Within!

At Illuminate Within we thrive to help you discover a new you. Using universal life energy a reiki practitioner will help you feel more empowered and to also heal yourself. Our goal is to help you feel better than ever before and enjoy your day to day life with a brand new perspective.

Universal life energy is all around us and is continuously flowing through us. The flow of life energy is what keeps us alive! Sometimes this energy can become unbalanced for various reasons including:-

Stresses and tensions
Thought patterns
The many electrical devices and fields around us

When we feel unbalanced this can be manifested and expressed as malfunctions or diseases in our mental/emotional/physical bodies. We aim to restore and renew the balance in your life through our healing service.

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Nicole was an absolute pleasure during what was my first time having Reiki. She made me feel comfortable before getting into the session. The entire session was very relaxing and peaceful. Afterwards we had a great discussion about things that she had picked up on and helped to clear. I would recommend her to anyone!

~ Russell S

Nicole is a beautiful, gifted, Reiki, Magnified healer and Intuitive. She brings gentleness and compassion to her healing work. As a result of my healing session with Nicole I gained a sense of freedom, a sense of lightness which I …

~ Jeanette B

Nicole is a very special person, she has a beautiful presence and a genuine warmth that puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. She is very compassionate in the way she goes about her work, and her …

~ Monica H
New Study (Aug / 22): Clinical trial results reveal the amazing benefits of reiki
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